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Bassel El Koussa


Bassel El Koussa holds a Master’s degree in Finance from Imperial College London and a BS degree in Finance from the American University of Beirut. After his studies he worked in his family business and led the market entry of Pain D’or, a large-scale manufacturing business into Saudi Arabia. He worked as a former Venture Investor Analyst at a VC firm in London for a year before he decided to quit his job, follow his entrepreneurial pursuit and together with his co-founders, created Quiqup.

Today, Bassel El Koussa is an experienced CEO and Co-Founder of Quiqup, the startup reinventing the way urban deliveries are done for better business. better cities and better living. In 2014 he started a company in a London living room with a mission – to give back people their precious time and by closely listening to the market in 2017 he spotted an opportunity he could not refuse to follow. In 2019, he successfully pivoted the business from a London based B2C opp to a UAE based B2B Al powered real-time last mile infrastructure to power retailers and restaurants of all sizes the ability to offer next generation urban deliveries in the GCC.

During this manoeuvre he re-structured the company, recovered the revenue of two regions in 9 months, doubled its revenues and reduced its monthly burn 4x.

While driving the execution of Quiqup’s vision, Bassel fosters a culture of innovation and autonomy, he has always ensured the company has the necessary resources to succeed and scale. The company has raised a total of $50m and is leading the way in innovation in e-commerce logistics in the region – supporting the rapid growth of the e-commerce sector and the emergence of SMEs looking for solutions to grow and scale their businesses fast. The company currently employs around 50 people in the UAE and in managing a courier network of about 400 people as well as supporting around 800 businesses os clients with brand names such as H&M, Sephora, and Virgin Megastores. The company is now targeting rapid expansion into the rest of the region after proving

Amjad Mustafa


Mr. Amjad Mustafa is a growth strategist and business director who led multiple successful ventures in the Middle East. Mr. Mustafa is the founder of Select Ventures, a successful technology investment company as well as several other investment firms in Real Estate, Consulting, and retail. Amjad is a mentor to a number of start-ups and technology ventures helping them grow their businesses both on the traction level as well as the investment side.