Creates a new stream of income from food and beverage orders, without owning a kitchen

Holiday homes and hotel apartments can now benefit from the remarkable income that a kitchen can generate, without actually having one. TDH will act as a bridge of communication, connecting the guests to a variety of kitchens and cuisines, to make their stay even more pleasant and comfortable. This will benefit the hotel apartment or holiday home by receiving a percentage of each order made.

The guests simply have to scan a QR (placed in their home or apartment) with their smartphones which directs them to a list of cloud kitchen restaurants without downloading any app. Once the guest selects their food or beverage item, the order is transferred directly to the restaurant where it is processed. Customers receive notifications about the status of their orders.

Once the order is delivered by the restaurant, customers receive an optional feedback survey to help ensure guest satisfaction.

Generates new forms of income from pharmacy, florists, and dark stores (cloud supermarkets) orders

TDH will also connect guests to valuable services, such as dark stores, pharmacies, and florists. Guests will be able to fulfill their needs in one place and gain a better experience, while hotel apartments and holiday homes will benefit from generating a new form of income.


Many holiday homes and hotel apartments struggle to communicate with foreign guests with an ‘English-only’ staff and menus. This narrow approach creates a language barrier limiting guest communication.

Through TDH’s innovative platform, you can minimize the language barrier and offer multi-lingual menus to guests. The versatile design of TDH allows customers to peruse menus in several languages including Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, French and many more.

Space to promote offers on banners

TDH will serve as an effective platform to communicate any promotional offers with guests. Rather than displaying the offers on TV screens or table tents, both of which do not facilitate immediate action, the holiday homes or hotel apartments can now feature the offers and promotions on the platform with a call-to-action button that will simplify and accelerate the process. This will also enable the tracking of promotional results.

Fully integrated with your system
One-week setup time, free of charge

TDH team will support you in setting up the account and ensuring that we are on the right track to a successful integration and a fruitful partnership.

Immediate payment, no waiting time

Any order made through TDH by the guests will result in an immediate payment to the hotel apartment or holiday home, without any waiting time.


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